Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Understanding Ecosystems

Reciprocal relationship between living things with other living beings, and with no living things in their environment, creating ecosystems. The study of ecosystems is ecology. Ecology comes from two Greek words, namely Oikos and logos. Oikos means house or place to live, and logos meaning science. The term ecology was first proposed by Ernst Haeckel (1834 to 1914). 

Ecosystem diversity

Between living things to one another (both within a single species and between species) interaction. This is known as biotic interactions, which form a community. Between living things with physical environment (temperature, light) and chemical environment (water, minerals, degree of acidity) also occurs interaction. This is known as the biotic - abiotic interactions that make up the system environment or ecosystem. In an ecosystem is a complex interaction between biotic with the abiotic components. 


Topography means the level of the earth's surface in an area. Topography associated with humidity, light, temperature, and soil conditions in an area. The interaction of various factors that form a unique environment. For example, biodiversity in different hilly regions in the flat. Organisms that live in different hilly areas with flat areas. Topography also affects the distribution of living things


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